Racify meaning and definition

Racify meaning

To be racist towards an individual, an object, an animal, or asian.

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Racila meaning and definition

Someone who is very kind & quiet at first but once she's out of her comfort zone, she's a social butterfly. She's amazingly beautiful and she's an amazing friend.

Racim meaning and definition

Someone who enjoys going to MacDonald, especially if he has 5 or more hours of spare time, in which case it is directly to his favourite one.. At home, a Racim spends his time masturbating, as well as watching his a radio show, but first of all he always does the washing up. A Racim never cares about school work, and always proposes to skive off school, but never gets down to it. If you ask him to do anything which involves effort, a Racim will answer in a lazy way that it won't happen.

Racimist meaning and definition

Racimist is the illusion that someone is being racist but really they aren't. It is used to describe a group of friends making from of each other because of their heritage no harm intended and everyone knows that.

racine meaning and definition

A diverse mid-sized city on the banks of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin that gets a bad reputation from ignorant and over-privledged kids in the milwaukee suburbs who probably have never set foot in Racine based on the fact that the community is integrated and that the white kids hang out with people of other races, for ths it is assumed that all of Racine is "ghetto" and everyone owns a gun

racin for pinks meaning and definition

When you race and whom ever loses gives up his or here car(pink slips).


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