Rack City Chick meaning and definition

Rack City Chick meaning

A vegas stripper.

Rack City Chick meaning

It means you are a stripper. A straight up ho. Refer to Tyga song.

Rack City Chick meaning

A female who is employed at a strip club.

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rackcoon meaning and definition

a black woman with large breasts

Rack-crack meaning and definition

The cleft between the jugs of an amply blessed, top heavy, well-made woman.

rack daddy meaning and definition

aka The Dallas Boogie. A regional southern krunk dance that originated in Dallas.

Rack Dial meaning and definition

Letting a homeless man use your telephone to make an important call and he accidentally calls one of your friends.

Rackdiculous meaning and definition

When a woman's breasts exceed the apex of average and have the characteristics of ridiculous beauty.


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