Rack Focus meaning and definition

Rack Focus meaning

A commonly used technique in both film and television to shift focus from a foreground object to a background object by turning the the focal ring on a lens.

Rack Focus meaning

When a director forgets what he is shooting and films breasts up close.

Rack Focus meaning

When a cinematographer turns the focal ring on his lens to shift focus from a foreground object to a background object.

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rackful meaning and definition

adj. A female who has large breasts, i.e. a big rack. See also "racked."

rackground meaning and definition

Any place on a picture where you find an extremely distracting rack that makes the rest of the picture irrelevant. It is so distracting that the viewer doesn’t even notice that there is a foreground and / or background… because there isn’t, there is only a rack. Objects in the rackground may appear closer than they actually are.It is similar to a photobomb as the rack totally hijacks the original focus of the picture. As such, the rack(s) in the rackground are also known as photobombs.

rack guts meaning and definition

Aggressive sexual intercourse with intent to damage internal organs

Rack her out meaning and definition

Shag her very very hard so hard in fact you clean her out

rack hockey meaning and definition

when you play with a girl's boobs


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