Rack PT meaning and definition

Rack PT meaning

Military school's way of having sex.

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rack up meaning and definition

To manipulate a quantity of cocaine so as it forms a line, or multiple lines for easy ingestion. Sometimes involves chopping little crystals into finer powder.

Raco meaning and definition

Pronounced 'rar-ko'. The quality of having bad breath or halitosis. It is most often used as a noun - i.e. 'he is raco'. It can also be used in an adjectival sense as in 'she has raco breath'.

racquetball meaning and definition

A wickedly fast (the ball at the highest level travels in excess of 160 MPH) indoor court game played by some of the most amazing athletes on the planet. Allot a crafty old dudes play a much slower, but equally demanding game. Few sports pack as big an exercise punch as racquetball. The game is gaining players world wide while keeping an avid player base here in the U.S. Court 40ft by 20ft There is also an outdoor version.

Radar chart meaning and definition

A radar chart is a graphical method of displaying data that really only shows that the person who made the chart is a pretentious asshole.

rageaholic meaning and definition

1. Someone who is addicted to rageahol.


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