Raina meaning and definition

Raina meaning

The most amazing friend you could ever have. She is beautiful and one of the nicest girls ever.

Raina meaning

A cookie stealing person. Also known to steal chewing gum and other foods.

Raina meaning

A girl who is so indredibly sexy and fun to hit on even if she gets pissed at you when you do.

Raina meaning

The sexiest human being alive. I can't get enough of Raina. She is amazing in every way. Everyone wants to be in her pants but you have to be special to get that far. She can be mean at times but only when she is brutally honest. She's a rainbow.

Raina meaning

The most beautiful girl I've ever seen,she's nice and funny and great to be around. She's sweet and kind and always cracks the best jokes. Stylish and quirky and weird and funny and pretty and beautiful all at the same time

Raina meaning

A raina is a very beatiful girl who is kinda shy , shes stubborn but doesn't let anything get the best of her . She loves taking selfies . She can be a copy cat sometimes but she's the best friend you could ever have , and if they can't see that , their blind . One last thing , shesP•e•r•f•e•c•t ...

Raina meaning

a state of being when you are so drunk you no longer have a filter between your mouth and head. not only do you say exactly what you think no matter how bitchy but also you can no longer differienciate between what's hot and wha'ts not. when someone has reached raina they will hook up with everything in sight or try to beat any person who they feel threatened by.

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Rain boots meaning and definition

To put one foot in the vaginal crease and one foot in the anal region by a partner.

Rainbow Dash meaning and definition

Rainbow Dash is a main character of the My Little Pony franchise, featuring as one of the Core 7.She is a light blue earth pony with a pink, orange, yellow, and green mane and a pink, blue, and purple tail. She features a cutie mark of a rainbow stretching between two clouds. In 2009, during My Little Pony's "Generation 3.5" mass redesign, she was shown with a large ponytail in her mane.Rainbow Dash is described as stylish and fashionable. My Little Pony calls her "The Glamour Girl of Ponyville." She is a kindhearted pony and is very interested in fashion and she also has a tendency to use say the word 'Darling' very often.Note: Nothing is wrong here. I am aware that as of 2010 she was redesigned as an athletic pony. It isn't right, however, that all the definitions of her leave out this chunk of history, so I wanted there to be a definition on THIS Rainbow Dash as well. Though a lot of people will be tempted to downvote this because it's a side of the character you don't like, It's important that this be defined as well.

rain dance meaning and definition

This is when you and your friends are checking out girls and when you find one you are attracted to you yell out "rain dance" stating that you would cum all over her.

rainie meaning and definition

The awesome emo girl in your english class you know that looks sexy as hell but you cant say anything to her 'cuz she will probably rip your head off.ussualy falls in love with assholes.

raining cats and dogs meaning and definition

cat=pussy. if pussy =vagina, then shouldnt dog=puppy=penis?


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