Raining Saturday meaning and definition

Raining Saturday meaning

Like it's raining Saturday." Meaning similar to "like it's nobody's business.

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raining sideways meaning and definition

When shit is just overly crazy and uncontrolled.

Raining Sleeping bags meaning and definition

A word for when someone isn't going to get lucky...

raining snow meaning and definition

when the weather is not cold enough for snow snow so there is a slushy snow it starts off snow and melts as rain, not the same as snowing rain

raining tits and dicks meaning and definition

a phrase coined by bodybuilder, Matthew Brown, on the way to a brutal leg workout used to describe heavy, if not torrential, precipitation.

Raining Titties meaning and definition

(v.) The act of a woman's breasts exiting the brazier and entering anywhere on the body (normally hands and/or mouth) of the significant other.


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