Raining Wolves and Tigers meaning and definition

Raining Wolves and Tigers meaning

An intense form of rain. Similar to the phrase "raining cats and dogs." Typically the rain is coming down in torrents before it is changed from cats and dogs, to wolves and tigers.

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rain in the club meaning and definition

When a person tosses up wads of money in the strip club, showering the dancers.

Rain-In-The-Tent meaning and definition

The act of a man ejaculating on a woman's face without her knowing it is happening while inside a house or tent. Then she will think it is "raining" inside.

rain in the valley meaning and definition

When there is sweat between you tits

Rainism meaning and definition

(noun)derived from the popular Korean Singer Bi's (Rain) song "Rainism" it describes any action that would likely be undertaken or performed by Rain. Used when describing those who attempt to imitate Rain.

Rainist meaning and definition

A follower of K Pop King 비 also known as Rain. He starred in Speed Racer and more recently Ninja Assasin.


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