Rainism meaning and definition

Rainism meaning

(noun)derived from the popular Korean Singer Bi's (Rain) song "Rainism" it describes any action that would likely be undertaken or performed by Rain. Used when describing those who attempt to imitate Rain.

Rainism meaning

A long lost religion founded in 1000 B.C.E. This religion has many gods and goddesses. Among them are: Katie, Goddess of the Bubble and Laughter Raina, Goddess of Writing Jaime, Goddess of the Theatre Lynzee, Goddess of the Rainbow Morgan, Goddess of the Opera Nathan, God of the JediOnly few know about the religion. No textbook will tell you anything about it, for it was only discovered on ancient runes in North America a few days ago.

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Rainist meaning and definition

A follower of K Pop King 비 also known as Rain. He starred in Speed Racer and more recently Ninja Assasin.

Rainitaco meaning and definition

The name of the child of a taco and a Rainicorn.

rain job meaning and definition

A rainjob is the act of having sex outdoors in the rain and using rainwater as lubricant for your penis.

Rain Karma meaning and definition

The uncanny ability to "control" rain. When it's pouring outside but when you're about to leave, it stop, and then starts again when you're back inside. Much like Parking Karma but with rain


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