Raisin Bran meaning and definition

Raisin Bran meaning

Raisin Bran is a version of the scoop, but done with both hands; hence 2 scoops of Raisin Bran.

Raisin Bran meaning

Cereal made out of raisins and bran. If you eat a lot, you'll crap a whole ton.

Raisin Bran meaning

A word to describe someone with an ugly attitude and a soggy appearance.

Raisin Bran meaning

Any kind of Ejaculation(Spooge,Cum,Jizz,Semen,white sticky stuff) that is in your mouth.

Raisin Bran meaning

a black asian

Raisin Bran meaning

A delicious and nutritious brand of cereal. Or so it says. It is actually a disgusting excuse for a "cereal" where the shriveled up raisens from california are put into it to make a breakfast that you may as well just throw away as soon as you got home from the grocery store and sue the company for false advertisement.

Raisin Bran meaning

raisin bran is also known as cellulite because where there are muffin tops there is usually a fair deal of cellulite andit also resembles the look of cellulite..kinda like two latex tubes of of raisin bran....

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Raisin Bread meaning and definition

An expression of extreame joy or excitement; A replacement for yeet and swag; also knows as a sassy come back

raisin buffet meaning and definition

when 4 or more of elderly women of age 70 and plus, engaging in any sexual acts with a male to achieve orgasm. However, if the male is aroused through his prostate in order to achieve orgasm it is then considered the Atl buffet.

Raisin Bumping meaning and definition

the act of two or more old people having sexual intercourse

raisin butt meaning and definition

The act of extensively clenching one's butt cheeks forcefully together until the point where the skin of the gluteus maximus dimples, forming what looks like a wrinkled raisin. Must be done without the use of hands or assistance from others.

raisin cake meaning and definition

One who appears to be out of place, usually related to social class.


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