Raisin Bumping meaning and definition

Raisin Bumping meaning

the act of two or more old people having sexual intercourse

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raisin butt meaning and definition

The act of extensively clenching one's butt cheeks forcefully together until the point where the skin of the gluteus maximus dimples, forming what looks like a wrinkled raisin. Must be done without the use of hands or assistance from others.

raisin cake meaning and definition

One who appears to be out of place, usually related to social class.

raisin check meaning and definition

In kick boxing; a half kick to the groin area, grazing the scrotum. Origins: Shazbot, 2013

raisin clit meaning and definition

An old lady's (preferably black) clit

raisin dick meaning and definition

A small shriveled penis resembling a raisin. More commonly though, a piece of crap person that nobody likes, a douchebag.


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