Raisin Eye meaning and definition

Raisin Eye meaning

When you stay up really late and your eyes start to feel like raisins (i.e. rough and dry).

Raisin Eye meaning

A shriveled eye that resembles a raisin from over exposure to the air(i.e. lack of blinking).

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raisin face meaning and definition

When you go down on a girl for so long that your face wrinkles up like your fingers do after a long bath.

Raisin Factory meaning and definition

An old people's home. So named because they go in all healthy and plump, and come out all dried and shrivelled, in a box.

Raisin Farm meaning and definition

Old folks home / nursing home

Raisin Fetish meaning and definition

When 2 or more individuals have excessive amounts of sex in a shower, bath tub, dank cave, or other distinctly moist area. One or both of the individuals will become extremely "pruney" and wrinkled. If the sex continues, either one, or both of the individuals is said to have a raisin fetish.

Raisin fingers meaning and definition

When one has fingers that look like raisins or dried and shriveled like


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