Raisin Farm meaning and definition

Raisin Farm meaning

A place where raisin people are held up all day. More commonly known as an old folks home.

Raisin Farm meaning

Old folks home / nursing home

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Raisin Fetish meaning and definition

When 2 or more individuals have excessive amounts of sex in a shower, bath tub, dank cave, or other distinctly moist area. One or both of the individuals will become extremely "pruney" and wrinkled. If the sex continues, either one, or both of the individuals is said to have a raisin fetish.

Raisin fingers meaning and definition

When one has fingers that look like raisins or dried and shriveled like

raisinfish meaning and definition

Derogatory term to describe Asian women who come on to men for financial gain.

raisin frankfurt meaning and definition

After you have furiously jacked off, part of your skin may have ripped. Along with the mixture of blood and semen (a strawberry shortcake), your dick has become so soggy that it is now shriveled like a veiny, naked, old raisin man.

raising meaning and definition

the physical action of sparking up a runt.this occurs at some point after the recting phase,and just before the point of the runt being in a raised condition.


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