Raisinets meaning and definition

Raisinets meaning

The effect cold water has on a man's ball sack.

Raisinets meaning

The little, brown, and sloppy end of a blunt that remains after almost the entire blunt has been smoked.

Raisinets meaning

A young black person.

Raisinets meaning

I want to suck your dick

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raisinette meaning and definition

a small or young black person, usually smells bad

Raisin Eye meaning and definition

A shriveled eye that resembles a raisin from over exposure to the air(i.e. lack of blinking).

raisin face meaning and definition

When you go down on a girl for so long that your face wrinkles up like your fingers do after a long bath.

Raisin Factory meaning and definition

An old people's home. So named because they go in all healthy and plump, and come out all dried and shrivelled, in a box.

Raisin Farm meaning and definition

Old folks home / nursing home


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