Rally Fries meaning and definition

Rally Fries meaning

French fries given to a deserving fan who grabs the attention of Seattle Mariner broadcaster Mike Blowers. The idea was started after fan spilled his fries while going after a foul ball and Blowers, after criticizing his unnecessary effort, sent the fan some free fries. In the ensuing games, fans began trying to entice Blowers to give them the daily fries, and each time he did, it seemed to spark a rally. The sensation has rapidly spread throughout Seattle and the Mariner fan base.

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The DNA which allows one to get wasted one night, recover, and then get one's drink on the next night.

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A girl assigned to a high school football player provides him with baked goods on game day and a calming of the nerves induced by a release from the player the night before.

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a greeting used by the 'Dwarfs' in Conde Petie in Final Fantasy IX

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when you're hugging a girl, and you go down with your hands and grab her ass

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To Party Your Ass Off All Night


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