Rasterize meaning and definition

Rasterize meaning

to make good photoshops

Rasterize meaning

v. To own or rape noobs in gaming or in life.

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Ravenette meaning and definition

An individual possessing dark hair, seemingly blue-ish like the colour of a raven'a feathers

Raw Egg Challenge meaning and definition

When you try and eat a raw egg. Either straight from the shell or a cup.

raw emotion meaning and definition

An internal instinct, not yet explored! not yet understood from the host. A reaction to an event with no regard of the consequence due to internal instinct brought by trama out of there upbringing or environment .

RAWR RAWR meaning and definition

the sound hardcore screamers make when screaming

Rawstyle meaning and definition

Rawstyle is a new subgenre of Dutch Hardstyle. It takes Dutch Hardcore influenced Hardstyle and adds more oldschool and hardcore features and typically features more distortion on the "Kick".


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