Real Love meaning and definition

Real Love meaning

when all you can think about is that one person when you know you'd do absolutely anything for him/her, no matter how painful it is when you don't need terms to define what you share when you don't need physicality to know how much you two are in love with each other

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reallx meaning and definition

What my Cricket cell phone's T9 dictionary puts instead of "really."

Really meaning and definition

A statement of disbelief in a sarcastic manner. It`s like "seriously" but more obnoxious.

Really a Lot meaning and definition

When merely saying "a lot" just won't do.When speaking properly is too boringDeborah Hayes is miffed by this expression.

Really Awesome Monkey meaning and definition

Tim George A.K.A. The Timmy.

really big b meaning and definition

describe any person who has a stupid amount of money