r0xx0r meaning and definition

r0xx0r meaning

To rock

r0xx0r meaning

teh 1337357 f0|2|\/| of "awesome"

r0xx0r meaning

Defining something else as really cool and/or awesome.

r0xx0r meaning

├╝berownage. A legendary b0gster.

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r0XX0rz meaning and definition

t3h l337 sating of rocks

r0xxx0rz meaning and definition

533 r0xx0rz, 0r r0x0rz l337 sp34k f0r rocks

r0xzed meaning and definition

When you rock (Own) somebody in a Online Mulitplayer game.

R1 meaning and definition

Modified version of the Belgian FN combat rifle - bore 7.62mm and extremely heavy to cary in the field. Later replaced by the R4 and R5 versions of 5.54mm bore. The R1 is now a museum piece. It was onerous to clean in the field, but could stand more dirt and nonsense than the M16A

R10tz0r meaning and definition

Pronounced Rye-Ot-Zor also called R0tz0ran XBOX Live warrior, mainly found in the troll/halo province, name is often abbreviated to "r10t" (Rye-ut).lots of fun and carnage


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