r4ds meaning and definition

r4ds meaning

A flashcart for the nintendo ds which is for the people that think buying games is for suckas.

r4ds meaning

"reporting for duty"when posting/trolling in a forum and your presence is recognized, it is a simple reply to acknowledge other members.

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r4g3d meaning and definition

Being angry or Pissed. Often used by myg0t.

r4kt meaning and definition

Another way of typing "rekt" AKA "wrecked". It is sometimes used during multiplayer videogames when one side completely dominated the opponents without giving them a chance to fight back. Typically said to be disrespectful towards your opponents.

R4L meaning and definition

Rebels 4 Life Being a Fucking Rebel and making it to the crew Ex. Flooding the school Locker rooms and going slid and sliding naked and getting busted by four teachers and then becoming knows *A Biking Crew of Williston That Powns Noobs HxC

r4ngeking11 meaning and definition

A male person who plays RuneScape and pretends to be a girl. Also commonly known as 'shemale'.

r4p3 meaning and definition

R4P3 RAPE it obviously looks a bit similar, if you can't get the concept, you're stupid. Using spelling like this, people will and should obviously take the word usage as a joke...


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