r8 revolver meaning and definition

r8 revolver meaning

The R8 Revolver was, at one point, the most overpowered weapon in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) and was essentially a pocket AWP. For those of you who don't play CSGO, the AWP is a staggeringly powerful sniper rifle that can normally kill in one shot, as long as it hits above the legs. It also costs a lot of in-game money (4250 dollars) which would normally take at least three in-game rounds to gather. The R8 was a version of that which could not only be carried as a sidearm, but was also a paltry $850. The R8 was in fact better than the AWP, as it had perfect running accuracy, excellent armor penetration and a secondary rapid-fire option. The weapon was so overpowered, that the creators of the game, Valve, who are famous for doing things very slowly, took a mere two days to nerf the weapon, making it a total piece of shit.

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Resident Advisor, Resident Assistant - In a university residence hall (dorm), an RA is a student leader. They keep order, serve as a resource to residents, organize events, and generally work to maintain a positive living and learning community. Some residents do not like RAs because they see them only as authority figures who get them in trouble for policy violations.

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A very bad guy. Don't mess with him or you'll get raped by all the brazilians.

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The embodyment of all travian-based pwnage. The koolest person on travian

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Raa - A very slow thinking teenager who has spent to much time on the bong. He also enjoy's eating, sleeping, harassing neighbours, holding his dick, and laughing at retards.


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