r9k meaning and definition

r9k meaning

An image board on 4chan created as an experiment in original content. Devolved into emo bullshit and was axed in January of 2011. Has since been resurrected on other sites, most successfully on 4chon.net

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RA meaning and definition

Resident Advisor, Resident Assistant - In a university residence hall (dorm), an RA is a student leader. They keep order, serve as a resource to residents, organize events, and generally work to maintain a positive living and learning community. Some residents do not like RAs because they see them only as authority figures who get them in trouble for policy violations.

Ra3u meaning and definition

A very bad guy. Don't mess with him or you'll get raped by all the brazilians.

RA5PBERRY meaning and definition

The embodyment of all travian-based pwnage. The koolest person on travian

Raa meaning and definition

Raa - A very slow thinking teenager who has spent to much time on the bong. He also enjoy's eating, sleeping, harassing neighbours, holding his dick, and laughing at retards.

raaaa meaning and definition

handsworth/birmingham ghettofied word, used mostly by black/asian people, a version of 'wow' or 'oh my god'


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