raamnegers meaning and definition

raamnegers meaning

A word once used in the Dutch tv-program LINGO, popularized by another tv-show, KOPSPIJKERS.

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Raa Mule meaning and definition

The greatest two words known to mankind. Imported by the greatest user to ever grace LUE2, it is a tribute to Packing Heat and the glory days of GameFAQs. Raa Mule cannot be defined as only one thing; however, they will forever be the most important two words anyone will say.

Raamy meaning and definition

Raamy isnt a name but it is used to describe a gay men in ethiopian cultural language. Raamys are also described as shy amongts womenA Raamy tried to socialize with (random name) Josephine but Josephine was too good so he went on to (random name) Thumi

raan meaning and definition

weed or marijuana

raana meaning and definition

gorgeous, very hyper, nice, can always cheer you up. Amazingly beautiful and loves BUTTCHEEKS <3

Raand meaning and definition

hindi slang word for a hoe


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