raccoon dog meaning and definition

raccoon dog meaning

Common English name for NYCTEREUCTES PROCYONOIDES, a small nocturnal omnivorous canine that resembles a raccoon. Originally native to Japan (where it's endangered) but is spreading westward like a fungus. It now may be found raiding the trash bins of Prague.

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race baiter meaning and definition

1. Someone that uses race to avoid responsibility. 2. Someone that uses race to delegitimize a question or statement.

racecar meaning and definition

Is the same spelt backwards!!!!!!!!!

race kit meaning and definition

The penis and testicles when referred to as an interconnected unit for high performance coitus

race queen meaning and definition

Modern Japan's answer to the pinup girl; also known as "idols" or "A/V idols". Race queens are media icons who may be involved in everything from cheesecake posters, to pop music, to bad acting, to softcore pornography, but the emphasis is on their image as sexual objects. Samantha Fox in the 80's is a rough American parallel, except in Japan there are hundreds of these girls, many of them are teenagers, and their image leans more toward the cutesy and submissive feminine ideal that is prevalent in Japanese culture. Graphic portrayals of adolescent nudity are commonplace in race queen media. Chiasa Aonuma is an example.

race to the bottom meaning and definition

The current push by businesses to drive down the standard of living in America, as a result of businesses fighting to sell there products at the lowest possible cost in the marketplace. In order to achieve the lowest cost workers pay and benefits are reduced or eliminated. Wal-mart leads this race.


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