race clickbaiting meaning and definition

race clickbaiting meaning

Media-hyping of racially charged content in order to increase ad revenue.

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race confused meaning and definition

someone who just happens to forget what colour they are and what country they come from.

raced meaning and definition

To be wired, strung, tweaked out, or simply fucked up on large amounts of stimulants.Could also be used to describe a really antsy or eager mood.

racedar meaning and definition

Radar for race issues, allowing one to sense a racist, racism, etc, in their immediate vicinity. Sometimes this racedar can be all wrong, but sometimes right on. Usually physically manifests itself as a "gut feeling".

Raceday meaning and definition

Intoxicated slut who has had too much sun and champagne. Often seen at race tracks, race meets and betting agencies. Often doesn't wear underpants.

Race dictator meaning and definition

A uppity person who dictates race.


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