race flopping meaning and definition

race flopping meaning

Purposely engaging in racially-offensive speech for the purpose of complaining about the subsequent accusations of racism.The word was coined by a commenter after Matthew Yglesias, an author and major political blogger, bemoaned the lack of a suitable term for the behavior on his blog.It plays off of the sports-related definition of flop. In both cases the flopper is trying to make the other person's behavior appear to be the problem. For the race flopper the "foul" is usually being too PC.

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race fools meaning and definition

To race people who think their car can beat yours but cannot

Race For Doroon meaning and definition

Sci Fi/Fantasy novel about boos, boofetts and the Kee.

Race for Pink Slips meaning and definition

When you and your girlfriend challenge another couple to "Race for Pink Slips" - It is like a foursome, but instead you all have sex in one room, only with your partner: First guy to finish, wins, and he gets to take the other guys girlfriend as a reward.Similar to racing for pinks in relation to cars

Race for Tang meaning and definition

When two guys both want to hit on the same girl, but don't want to lose a good friendship over the results, a competition results, and a Race for Tang is declared.

Race fright meaning and definition

The unbearable anguish that sometimes overcomes people when they see someone of a different race.Racism and xenophobia may develop as someone tries to find a reasonable explanation for the race fright they just experienced.


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