race queen meaning and definition

race queen meaning

The really hot Japanese women who advertise products,(often cars)in Japan by standing there and being incredibly hot.

race queen meaning

Modern Japan's answer to the pinup girl; also known as "idols" or "A/V idols". Race queens are media icons who may be involved in everything from cheesecake posters, to pop music, to bad acting, to softcore pornography, but the emphasis is on their image as sexual objects. Samantha Fox in the 80's is a rough American parallel, except in Japan there are hundreds of these girls, many of them are teenagers, and their image leans more toward the cutesy and submissive feminine ideal that is prevalent in Japanese culture. Graphic portrayals of adolescent nudity are commonplace in race queen media. Chiasa Aonuma is an example.

race queen meaning

As far as I know, a beautiful oriental woman who has some connection with F1, either advertising it or something else... or something more, as they get well dirty! And they are fit as fuck. Also used by me and my crew to describe a hot SJB...

race queen meaning

any person who knows how to pull the race card in any situation to get out of a mess. in other words: to pull the discrimination act.

race queen meaning

a slut/ho/shitbag bitch who services guys in the pits.

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Race-queer meaning and definition

Racequeer, similar to genderquer but for race, is used to describe a person who feels that their racial identity does not fit into the socially constructed notion of race.

racer meaning and definition

a term designated to people who cannot go under 100mph on a open road. one who does all mods themselves and does it right, and someone who doesnt have a big dumb ricer wing on their trunk. without racing a racer would have a big part of his life missing

Race Race meaning and definition

A competition among friends to fuck every race, color, nationality, creed, etc. within a given period of time.

Raceracy meaning and definition

It means abortion.

Race rape meaning and definition

A game played where 2 or more people race 2 see who can rape sum1 the fastest


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