race to the bottom meaning and definition

race to the bottom meaning

The current push by businesses to drive down the standard of living in America, as a result of businesses fighting to sell there products at the lowest possible cost in the marketplace. In order to achieve the lowest cost workers pay and benefits are reduced or eliminated. Wal-mart leads this race.

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Race to the bottom of the pile meaning and definition

If you're a sheep and just fallow everything and everyone without knowing where you going or what you doing . just to belong to something.

racial bias meaning and definition

when you are biased against someone due to their race.

racial profiling meaning and definition

is used to describe any action, by an individual or institution, that singles out minorities for unfavorable, discriminatory treatment.

racial slur meaning and definition

A liberal word used to expose the speaker's tender sensibilities. When a liberal admonishes you to stop using a racial slur, she means that she is offended. Since being offended is the natural state of all pantywaist liberals, this word is pretty useless. The expression has one very good use. Whenever you hear the expression "racial slur," you have convincing evidence that you are in the presence of a sissy liberal. You can roll up your sleeves and prepare to bash the worthless liberal.

racidity meaning and definition

racism + stupidity = raciditycoined by kevjumba


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