racebrand meaning and definition

racebrand meaning

The lingering body markings that remain for hours or even days after a race, essentially "branding" the athlete. Though sometimes looked upon with disdain or confusion by the uninitiated, it is often regarded as a badge of honour by fellow triathletes.

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race-bred meaning and definition

A superlative used in car ads that suggests that the car being advertised was designed for car racing. In reality, it is meaningless.

Race Buddy meaning and definition

Race buddy: A fellow runner who you meet in the middle of a raec and stick with him/her for the rest of the race pushing eachother to go faster. Generly never talk to eachother agin.

racecar meaning and definition

Is the same spelt backwards!!!!!!!!!

Race Card meaning and definition

When an ethnic minority makes unfounded assertions that he/she is being rejected by society because those who made the decision are racist.

racecardism meaning and definition

A distinctive belief in the doctrine or theory that bringing the issue of race or racism into a debate, perhaps to obfuscate the matter is the best way to acheive their goals.


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