racial bias meaning and definition

racial bias meaning

when you are biased against someone due to their race.

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racial boomerang meaning and definition

a racist remark that comes back to bite you on the ass!

Racial Boone meaning and definition

A "Racial Boone" is a person who isn't a racist per se, but often makes off-color references with racist undertones about minorities.

Racial Brofiling meaning and definition

When a bro assumes another bro will behave in a stereotypical way based on their ethnicity.

racial bukkake meaning and definition

Racial bukkake is the vile spew that Tea Party members and their ilk can't seem to stop doing. Everybody except white bread rich folks are subject to their racial bukkake.

Racial card meaning and definition

Something most black people use to get their way by trying to make whites feel gulity. It's mostly involves the phrases "Because I'm black." "You racist"


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