racist joke meaning and definition

racist joke meaning

A kind of joke that starts with something like "Okay, so these two black guys walk into a bar, and the bartender..."

racist joke meaning

A joke saying something about another race which should not be said but makes people laugh anyway.

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rack and pinion steering meaning and definition

The steering method for most, if not all cars. The steering wheel stretches out, and on the end is a cogwheel. This cogwheel connects to the rear of the two struts of the front axel. When the steering is turned left, the cogwheel pushes the rack on the rear axel right. This means that the end of the left front wheel towards the back is pulled inwards, while the front part is on the opposite side of a fulcrum, and is pushed outwards. The opposite happens to the front right, so the wheels turn left at the same time.

Rack City Chick meaning and definition

A female who is employed at a strip club.

Rack Focus meaning and definition

When a cinematographer turns the focal ring on his lens to shift focus from a foreground object to a background object.

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A young woman with large attention-getting breasts.

Rack PT meaning and definition

Military school's way of having sex.


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