rack up meaning and definition

rack up meaning

To manipulate a quantity of cocaine so as it forms a line, or multiple lines for easy ingestion. Sometimes involves chopping little crystals into finer powder.

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Rack Up and Tac Up meaning and definition

To be a badass; as in Rack a round in the chamber of your gun and put on your tactical gear

rackus meaning and definition

A fine rack on a chick - slightly better than just a 'rack.'

rackus-maximus meaning and definition

The holiest of all racks. It is that rack which is above all others.

Racky meaning and definition

Another name for the rockies or rocky mountains

raclette meaning and definition

"raclette", based on the cheese dish and the french "racler" meaning to scrape, is a term for scraping cum from somewhere and smearing it on someone's face or mouth.


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