racking meaning and definition

racking meaning

The act of taking that which belongs to another, without right or permission. Stealing, esp. from large, expensive stores. Generally done as a hobby or as a means of survival for urban youth.

racking meaning

Stealing - usually from corpo mega stores

racking meaning

Kicking a male HARD in the balls.

racking meaning

The National Past time of the Irish People. It is a combination of the words rock and stacking. The Irish are professionals at racking probably because of the fact that they don't have much else to do.

racking meaning

To create rails or lines of a substance

racking meaning

sleeping/napping in uniform in your bed, or "rack"

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Racking Farts meaning and definition

The act of a male farting while sitting down, and as a result, the fart makes its way through the legs,and the fart bubble then bounces off your nutsack and usually tends to put a man in much discomfort.

racking off meaning and definition

when 1-2 people share a 30 rack of beer to themselves

racking out meaning and definition

A military term meaning "going to bed"

racking up meaning and definition

Using a card to crush, split and line up fine powders such as Cocaine, MDMA, Methadrone, etc.


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