racking my brain meaning and definition

racking my brain meaning

To think

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racking off meaning and definition

when 1-2 people share a 30 rack of beer to themselves

racking out meaning and definition

A military term meaning "going to bed"

racking up meaning and definition

Using a card to crush, split and line up fine powders such as Cocaine, MDMA, Methadrone, etc.

racking up digits meaning and definition

the act of scoring points in basketball, or getting phone numbers from girls

rackis meaning and definition

A hybrid sport combining elements of both tennis and racket ball. Rackis is played with tennis balls and racket ball rackets on a tennis court. Each opponent stands on opposite sides of the net, just as they would if playing tennis. Out-of-bounds calls include hitting the ball over the fence or hitting the ball into an outlying court. If a play ends in an out-of-bounds penalty, the opposing player must scream "FUCK YOU" as loudly as they can at any passing spectator, or any variation of this phrase. Insults, derogatory slurs, and hostile words are highly encouraged. Rackis must only be played in precipitation (rain, sleet, snow, etc); however, the most skilled players prefer playing in rainy conditions. It is also preferable that rackis be played in darker conditions such as at night as "white trash hooligans" are more easily spotted against a dark backdrop. This sport was first invented by two sisters, both world renowned athletes: Bitchfoxly and the much prettier, smarter, all around more appealing, Slutfoxly.


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