rainie meaning and definition

rainie meaning

The awesome emo girl in your english class you know that looks sexy as hell but you cant say anything to her 'cuz she will probably rip your head off.ussualy falls in love with assholes.

rainie meaning

*clears throat* a rainie is the girl that is crazy as hell. she is usually hitting you or laughing at you. she has issues but you gotta love her tho. Shes actually really lit and happy. she is skinny as hell but still pulls hella guys. she really pretty and SEXUAL AS HELL SHE WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD SHES A HOE ON SATURDAY But in church on sunday. shes amazing she wont leave you, she will always be by your side .

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raining cats and dogs meaning and definition

cat=pussy. if pussy =vagina, then shouldnt dog=puppy=penis?

raining pitchforks and nigger babies meaning and definition

to rain very hard with large rain drops.

raining snow meaning and definition

when the weather is not cold enough for snow snow so there is a slushy snow it starts off snow and melts as rain, not the same as snowing rain

Raisin Bran meaning and definition

Raisin Bran is a version of the scoop, but done with both hands; hence 2 scoops of Raisin Bran.

rally driver meaning and definition

Badass motherfuckers who navigate extremely technical road courses at buttthole-puckering speeds. Often the driver is battling inclement weather and/or dangerous road surfaces such as dirt, gravel, mud, ice, and snow.


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