raining snow meaning and definition

raining snow meaning

when the weather is not cold enough for snow snow so there is a slushy snow it starts off snow and melts as rain, not the same as snowing rain

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raining tits and dicks meaning and definition

a phrase coined by bodybuilder, Matthew Brown, on the way to a brutal leg workout used to describe heavy, if not torrential, precipitation.

Raining Titties meaning and definition

(v.) The act of a woman's breasts exiting the brazier and entering anywhere on the body (normally hands and/or mouth) of the significant other.

raining trim meaning and definition

When an establishment is full of hot women, who don't necessarily need to be hot.For it to be Raining Trim said establishment must have a higher percentage of women to men. Not to be confused with reining trim, when a gentleman is on a particularly hot streak with the ladies and is indeed reining in trim.

Raining Up meaning and definition

the opposite of rianing down; rain water shoots up from the ground into the sky.

Raining Wolves and Tigers meaning and definition

An intense form of rain. Similar to the phrase "raining cats and dogs." Typically the rain is coming down in torrents before it is changed from cats and dogs, to wolves and tigers.


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