raisinfish meaning and definition

raisinfish meaning

Derogatory term to describe Asian women who come on to men for financial gain.

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raisin frankfurt meaning and definition

After you have furiously jacked off, part of your skin may have ripped. Along with the mixture of blood and semen (a strawberry shortcake), your dick has become so soggy that it is now shriveled like a veiny, naked, old raisin man.

raising meaning and definition

the physical action of sparking up a runt.this occurs at some point after the recting phase,and just before the point of the runt being in a raised condition.

raising awareness meaning and definition

"Raise Awareness" is a buzzword meaning "Doing something that I think solves the problem to look good, but in reality doesn't actually solve the problem"You can "Raise Awareness" by liking pictures of poverty and people with diseases, commenting on them with generic "its so sad" phrases, or by posting on a companies facebook wall telling them that they need to change one of their products to 'raise awareness' about an issue. All of which don't solve the problem or raise money for it, such as going on a charity run or volunteering to help.

Raising beef meaning and definition

This means generating trouble around you

raising Cain meaning and definition

raising Cain: 1. The act of raising or striking with a cane in anger. 2. Raising Cain from the grave, as in biblical times. (Cain and Abel brothers.)


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