rally girl meaning and definition

rally girl meaning

A girl assigned to a high school football player provides him with baked goods on game day and a calming of the nerves induced by a release from the player the night before.

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rally ho meaning and definition

a greeting used by the 'Dwarfs' in Conde Petie in Final Fantasy IX

rally hug meaning and definition

when you're hugging a girl, and you go down with your hands and grab her ass

Rallyin meaning and definition

To Party Your Ass Off All Night

Rallying meaning and definition

Drinking with your friends and having a good timeor drinking as much alcohol with your friends in a limited time

Rally Jinx meaning and definition

1. When a person angrily writes off a sports team (after they've gone down by a seemingly insurmountable score or have given up some late points), only to have said team come back and win the game in an amazing fashion.2. A type of superstitious reverse curse.


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