ramble on meaning and definition

ramble on meaning

a farewell, synonym for "get going" and "goodbye'.

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Rambler meaning and definition

One who roams the streets less traveled, kickin' up dust along the way

Ramblered meaning and definition

to get straight up RAILED in the asshole.to get screwed over and fucked from behind.

Rambleshacked meaning and definition

Chaos, disarray, utter confusion, a mess.

Ramble Typing meaning and definition

When you find yourself rambling at the keyboard, typing an email that takes almost an hour because you type a paragraph, stop for a minute, go back type another paragraph and so on...You'll know you're ramble typing when you catch yourself starting every paragraph with, "So anyways.."

ramblewood meaning and definition

Ramblewood is a part of the South Jersey town Mount Laurel or "MTL". It's where all the black kids live and get high each day after school. Not to mention the white boys who think they're black and freshman girls who like to go there to smoke and drink.Most of the kids in Mount Laurel don't live in this ghetto part of town, but it's the main attraction for late night drives and Wendys or Wawa runs.If you are lucky enough to live and be apart of the Ramblewood Gang, you have a forever bond with the others. Your weekends most definitely consist of getting high as fuck, going out to get food, and attempting to run some crazy missions. Its a great place to be where only good vibes and happiness is


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