rap game meaning and definition

rap game meaning

the hardest 9 to 5 you'll ever have, motherfucker...the rap industry

rap game meaning

The game where wannabe rap artists 1. get record deals 2. sing songs that somebody else produced (that's right, most of the hits we hear are produced not by the artists themselves) 3. get rich and 4. claim that they represent the mean streets of America

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Rapgap meaning and definition

A slight pause created over certain words not allowed by the FCC, thus making songs playable over commercial airwaves.

Rapgasm meaning and definition

When a rapper uses so much emotion in their voice you can feel their anguish and it gives you shivers....or you jiz in your pants ,because you are listening to rap.

Rap Genius meaning and definition

This website that will 'translate' your song lyrics for you.which i think is great, its actually a really great ideabut i have already needed help in that category for yearsand i think almost a decade ago someone else thought up that idea or had a website that already does thatit is called urbandictionary.comits pretty good too

rap god meaning and definition

A rapper who is seen as the best in the game and is superior to all other rappers. A rapper that will be a legend.

Rap Gorilla meaning and definition

A new word for Black trash people that i came up with!!!! This don't refer to all black people, just those punk asses who wear chains and sag their pants, claiming there badass ghetto.


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