rape victim meaning and definition

rape victim meaning

1. unwilling penis-treatment recipient 2. someone who gets pwnt in a game so bad it feels like rape

rape victim meaning

The hot bitches that you can't help but sexually assault to the point of violence and torture.

rape victim meaning

Manchester United, as a club, team, and fanbase.

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rap game meaning and definition

The game where wannabe rap artists 1. get record deals 2. sing songs that somebody else produced (that's right, most of the hits we hear are produced not by the artists themselves) 3. get rich and 4. claim that they represent the mean streets of America

rapper meaning and definition

greedy black bastards, that rap about how hard they had it back in the day before they became famous. However they make no effort to donate money to the black community to make sure that no other black person has to endure what they endured. They also sing about nothing else but women, wealth, and violence.

RASTAFARIAN meaning and definition

Another term for a homophobic religious man who uses the bible to become a foul hypocrite.

Rasterize meaning and definition

v. To own or rape noobs in gaming or in life.

Ravenette meaning and definition

An individual possessing dark hair, seemingly blue-ish like the colour of a raven'a feathers


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