rape victim meaning and definition

rape victim meaning

1. unwilling penis-treatment recipient 2. someone who gets pwnt in a game so bad it feels like rape

rape victim meaning

The hot bitches that you can't help but sexually assault to the point of violence and torture.

rape victim meaning

Manchester United, as a club, team, and fanbase.

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rape village meaning and definition

an orgy in which all of the people are dressed like forest animals and scream the word villiage every time they feel cum squirt on there back the first person to yell village three times wins

RapeVille meaning and definition

Like it's cousins, "MurderTown" and "Aggravated Assault-Burg", RapeVille is named for the crime most likely to be committed within its limits. The term can also be used to describe a particular neighborhood within a city where said crime might be likely to occur.

Rape Vision meaning and definition

Rape vision is activated when you walk into a crowded room or party, particularly one with many female counterparts. The female is selected then raped visually and mentally. A person with rape vision can be spotted if you hear them randomly yell out "RAPE VISION: ACTIVATE!" Once this is activated, it cannot be stopped.

Rapevitation meaning and definition

An invitation to get raped. Generally, in the form of one that is willing to be raped, but not always the case.

Rape volunteer meaning and definition

A non-black woman who consorts with or dates African-Americans. The term does not apply to African-American women since they are forced to date African-American men. Origin: African-American males are approximately 7 times more likely to rape than other males. Every day on average 103 white women are raped by Blacks, or one every 14 minutes while virtually no Black women are raped by Whites. White, Asian or Hispanic women who do not avoid African-Americans are putting themselves at risk - effectively volunteering themselves for rape.


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