raw emotion meaning and definition

raw emotion meaning

An internal instinct, not yet explored! not yet understood from the host. A reaction to an event with no regard of the consequence due to internal instinct brought by trama out of there upbringing or environment .

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RAWR RAWR meaning and definition

the sound hardcore screamers make when screaming

Rawstyle meaning and definition

Rawstyle is a new subgenre of Dutch Hardstyle. It takes Dutch Hardcore influenced Hardstyle and adds more oldschool and hardcore features and typically features more distortion on the "Kick".

RBA meaning and definition

Random Boner Attack: when one randomly gets a boner.

RCA meaning and definition

Rural Chuluota Army

RCC meaning and definition

gorrilla like figure who has lots of hair growing in every place imaginable. usually refers to a dirty whore who likes to steal boys from their friends. tends to be an easy cunt who has to shave at least 65 times a day to keep her lawn tamed. snitch. bitch.


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