rcsa meaning and definition

rcsa meaning

right-click, save as. Refers to the "Save As..." contextual menu item that typically appears when right-clicking on an image or link in a web browser. Used often on message boards when instructing other users that simply viewing a link in your browser will not work, or when someone finds a picture/link so funny that they save it locally for easy access.

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RCT meaning and definition

Short for Rice Krispies Treats as said by Donovan Strain from ButteryAssMondays. No, its not RKT...

rdsl meaning and definition

Acronym for "Rolling down the stairs, laughing". Can be used in place of "lol" or something similar.

reachability meaning and definition

ability to be reached. Term used in networking.

read between the lines meaning and definition

fuck you. Another dumb way of flipping someone off.

reading material meaning and definition

A tattoo aon a womans lower back above her ass.


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