read between the lines meaning and definition

read between the lines meaning

fuck you. Another dumb way of flipping someone off.

read between the lines meaning

when a girl lifts her legs up, inviting the spectator(s) to have sexual intercourse.

read between the lines meaning

What nobody does these days before buying a product or signing a contract or entering a gambling sweepstake or applying for a job.

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reading material meaning and definition

A tattoo aon a womans lower back above her ass.

reado meaning and definition

When a word, phrase or sentence is misread, especially in an IM session. Opposite of typo.

Real book meaning and definition

The term 'real book' refers now to the legal and copyrighted version of the famous book of jazz standards produced by the Hal Leonard Company.The book originates from Berklee School of Music, where the students there made their own chord charts for all the jazz standards they were required to learn. The copies made were uncopyrighted and so were illegal. However they were passed around, copied and copied by musicians.The Real Book produced by the Hal Leonard Co. is fully legal and has secured all the relevant copyrights. It also includes consistent use of chord symbols throughout the book, clear page layouts, clear type and organization of songs into alphabetical order.In tribute and acknowledgement to the 5 editions that came before it, the Real Book available now is called the 6th Edition Real Book.

Real Cam Girl meaning and definition

A legitimate girl who hosts a webcam chat that doesn't solicit porn sites or spam like most cam girls (a.k.a. cam whores)

Real Cool Person meaning and definition

Aka RCP. Someone who has enough confidence in his- or herself in order to not lie, not start shit, not create drama, and not be fake. Someone who realizes that things will happen and life will go on. Someone who won't fake being cool, because they already are, and don't need any friend, famile member, lover, and/or random creepy person to tell them.