really_bored86 meaning and definition

really_bored86 meaning

Noun An Xbox spammer on the Vestibule who does nothing but bash the GameCube

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really close friend meaning and definition

going out...aka Love...aka

really cool meaning and definition

Something or someone that is so cool the meaning is useless when applied to said person/thing. In times like these, one must use the correct Really Cool to verbalize the utter coolness of said holy object...person/thing.

Really Cool Guy meaning and definition

An otherwise dull and uninteresting person who freely share cocaine with people free of any sexual expectation or subtext.

Really Cool Person meaning and definition

Danny Mendez, who is a boxer from california. He has a website:\the1stbox

reallyD meaning and definition

1. a typo for the word really that has become commonly accepted as a substitute for the word. 2. more intense and awesome way to say really