SADC meaning and definition

SADC meaning

abbr. Suck A Dick Cuntsay: (saaaad seeee)The English abbreviation, SADC originates from the Latin "suck" and the greco roman "a dick cunt". A literal term commonly used to gloat over ones misfortune or to say no. In which the user is telling the receiver that instead of the offering he would like you to "Suck a dick cunt".The phrase was originally coined in a heated game of Call of Duty Black Ops, in which an anonymous player yelled "Suck A Dick"after being pwned 7 for 0.The phrase was later revised, after being established "not offensive enough" into the phrase commonly known as "Suck a dick cunt".It is unknown how much longer after the first revisiting of the phrase that the abbreviation of the term was used but nevertheless the abbreviation was formed and became infectiously colloquial.

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SADCAB meaning and definition

Get your ding dong sucked on for a couple minutes at a party in the bathroom, and then the girl catches a bus home...

sad cake meaning and definition

1. An actual cake, preferably with an icing depiction of a sad face, served to mark a real or perceived sad occasion.

Sad Carl meaning and definition

The act of masturbation while crying.

sad case meaning and definition

Words used when something sucks, or you're disappointed. Can also be used with the word shawg for added effect.

Sad Cat meaning and definition

when one is extremely depressed and starts to cry like a crybaby goth blouse