Sad Brown Clown meaning and definition

Sad Brown Clown meaning

When one takes a dump on a girls mouth followed by ejaculating on the eyes to give the effect of a sad circus character.

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Sad Bumping meaning and definition

When you're getting bummed and aren't happy about it

Sad Bunny meaning and definition

def cum on both sides of girls face take off socks and apply socks will hang down thus creating the sad bunny

sad buster meaning and definition

An extremely empathetic friend, on facebook, or even in the physical world who is there to give sympathy and to listen to your concerns.No need to go "cold finger" or to pretend your phone is dying in a world with sad busters.They spin a positive logic out of the bits and pieces that make up the internet especially. They love introverts.Contrary to the urban dictionary post regarding "sympathy seekers" sad people are worth the sympathy they achieve!

sad but not sad meaning and definition

when youre a little sad but you dont know why or what to do

sad but true meaning and definition

(n.) A situation that shouldn't happen in todays' world, but does so commonly that everyone turns a blind eye to it because they are used to it. This is a phrase used mainly by pinkos and feminazis, as well as a few other types of liberal, but not commies.