Sad Girl meaning and definition

Sad Girl meaning

A nickname that is Chicana/Latina in origin, Sad Girl usually refers to a tough girl who has suffered extreme hardships (i.e. someone she loves, or more than one person, has gone away for life, or been killed through violence usually street related) and may be quiet or aloof but does not let her suffering drag her down. She is not necessarily affiliated with a gang or club but wears her heritage and her hardships proudly, sometimes in tattoo form.

Sad Girl meaning

not in the least bit sad, as her name would suggest. just misunderstood. she is actually the coolest freshman ever

Sad Girl meaning be avoided at all costs. 2. will more than likely be trying to claw at the eyes.

Sad Girl meaning

A girl who is just pathetic. a sad.... sad girl. She is probably unaware of her own sadness as well, which makes the whole situation even sadder. She might also be somewhat of a debbie downer. She might also go to mazemakers.

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Sadhana meaning and definition

cause of world's happiness in any way possible by becoming desirable

Sadhu meaning and definition

a person who gives up all material things and becomes spiritually devoted to himself. Many sadhu's can be found in India. Sadhu is also a unique name that is uncommon for many parts of the world, i.e. America.

sadie meaning and definition

You may fall in love with her but if you break her heart, she'd flip shit yo, watch out. So theres this guy named Christopher that really loves her more than any other girl he actually loved. Sadie is very lovable. Shes beautiful. If you met a Sadie, you would love her.

Sadist meaning and definition

A group of software engineers who derive sexual satisfaction from releasing such open asshole pieces of software as AOL, Windows ME, and soulseek

Sadler 2k6 meaning and definition

Complete dick head that plays an online game called runescape. This e-thug is one of the leaders of a group of green dragonhide warriors called Noobs Inc, that crash runescape fights.