Sad Girl meaning and definition

Sad Girl meaning

A nickname that is Chicana/Latina in origin, Sad Girl usually refers to a tough girl who has suffered extreme hardships (i.e. someone she loves, or more than one person, has gone away for life, or been killed through violence usually street related) and may be quiet or aloof but does not let her suffering drag her down. She is not necessarily affiliated with a gang or club but wears her heritage and her hardships proudly, sometimes in tattoo form.

Sad Girl meaning

not in the least bit sad, as her name would suggest. just misunderstood. she is actually the coolest freshman ever

Sad Girl meaning be avoided at all costs. 2. will more than likely be trying to claw at the eyes.

Sad Girl meaning

A girl who is just pathetic. a sad.... sad girl. She is probably unaware of her own sadness as well, which makes the whole situation even sadder. She might also be somewhat of a debbie downer. She might also go to mazemakers.

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Sad Gland meaning and definition

The gland that Controls saddness mentally and physically.

sad goi meaning and definition

a playful insult that is used on a friend of either sex, in a variety of accents depending on the situation. offense is never intended.

sad good time meaning and definition

A time spent laughing your pathetic life. You are so depressed, that it's funny and your sadness turns into a good time, hence the name.

sad grandpa meaning and definition

Sad grandpa is to be said when anyone is getting ready to change. It is a sign to all other people in the room that clothes are getting ready to fly, and to close all doors and to look away if you don't want to see "the goods."

sadgry meaning and definition

Something so sad it makes you angry.