Scrobble meaning and definition

Scrobble meaning

When automatically sends the name of each song played by audio player, they call this “scrobbling.”

Scrobble meaning

A term used by Scrobbling involves taking the last songs you played through your media player (eg. iTunes), and filing away the info to improve, and better tailor the songs that are played for you through After a number of songs are listened to through your media player of choice, a window from will appear, listing these songs, and confirming that you wish to scrobble them. The user has the option of de-selecting songs that they do not wish to scrobble.

Scrobble meaning

Verb: To kidnap or capture. In particular to throw a bag or cloth over the head and bundle the victim away.The term was coined by John Masefield in "The Midnight Folk", published in 1827, and is used extensively in the "Box of Delights", published in 1937, where Cole Hawlings is 'scrobbled' by throwing a black bag over his head and bundling him into a car.Neil Gaiman also used scrobbling in the same sense in “Neverwhere”, published in 1996. Gaiman acknowledges the Box of Delights as the origin of the word.

Scrobble meaning

Can replace most verbs to indicate that an action has been performed, and that it has been logged or recorded by a 'scrobbler', which is a system that records whatever you're scrobbling, although the scrobbler may not necessarily exist.

Scrobble meaning

When the UpdateStar freeware client performs an automatic check for a program update on a user's PC, this is called "scrobbling" an installation.

Scrobble meaning

Scrobbles is another word for poop or feces.

Scrobble meaning

A portmanteau of "scrog" and "scramble" having sex when you don't really know what's going on, most often due to intoxication.

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Scroging meaning and definition

The act of having sex.

scrogly meaning and definition

looking like a black person with acne all over thier face

scroiffed meaning and definition

Right off your nut mush

scroit meaning and definition

the stuff that builds up under your fingernails when you scratch your balls

scroll up meaning and definition

verb. to scroll up. used in Instant Message conversations, generally during an arguement or debate of some kind. one person will tell the other to "scroll up" in reference to something they have said earlier in the conversation, implying that the other person may need to use the scroll bar to go back and re-read what has already been said. see also "scroll ^" or "^^"