Send Nudes meaning and definition

Send Nudes meaning

the act of sending nude pictures.

Send Nudes meaning

A request to sext, usually addressed to a girl by a boy who has no right to ask such a thing. Also the punchline of visual jokes on the internet, where you follow instructions to manipulate an image and end by viewing the words "SEND NUDES."

Send Nudes meaning

Verb: The act of sending pictures of a woman's Tits (with an added pissflap and ass picture), to a friend that you trust

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Send off meaning and definition

One who sends you on a blank mission. One who misguides or misdirects.

Sendoh meaning and definition

Akira Sendoh. He is the basketball superstar of Ryonan High School. Also he is the #1 basketball player of Japan.

send or sip meaning and definition

The ultimate millennial drinking game. You sit in a circle and pass your phone to the person to your right. The person with your phone types a text to a person of their choice and you go around. If you agree to send you continue, and if you don't you sip your drink. With every round you pass to the right until it gets back to you. Originated at WashU in STL

send out meaning and definition

To allow someone to be put on blast or allow others to antagonize or question said send out..

sendover meaning and definition

Something that sends you over the edge towards whitey (being sick) while stoned. Something strange that would make you freak or spin out. Mainly Used around the Worcestershire area of England.