ShowTime meaning and definition

ShowTime meaning

A cable network, much like HBO, but not as popular.

ShowTime meaning

Used to refer to a time of significant importance.

ShowTime meaning

Most amazing guy ever. Part of Marvel Inc, when it comes to dancing hes a BEAST! Hes also Sexy and the most hottest guy you will ever meet.Real name is Alex.Hes also a Dancer/Choreographer/Rapper

ShowTime meaning

1. The best skater to ever play Skate or Skate 2 on Xbox Live. Also known as SaInT ShOwTiMe, his gamertag. He invented number 2.2. The highest scoring trick on Skate 2. It consists of doing a No Foot Air to Superdude to Christ Air

ShowTime meaning

Having sexual relations with another person in view of one or more onlookers; sometimes, without the knowledge of one of the sexual participants.

ShowTime meaning

Best rapper in Cincinnati featured on major mixtapes he's about 2 hit it big wanna kno him before he's famous Enjoy

ShowTime meaning

A member of the group werra. A night elf player whose full name is Showtime.Werra

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show tunes meaning and definition

to imply that a male may not be heterosexual.

shredded meaning and definition

to have acquired 6% body fat.

Shredded Pork meaning and definition

An engorged and puffy pork ring post a climactic round of unlubricated anal sex.

shredded wheat meaning and definition

A breakfast cereal made of deliciously toasted wheat fibers, all perfectly weaved into a single bite-sized square. An iconic symbol of grindxcore, as first proposed by waking the cadaver

shrek is love shrek is life meaning and definition

a real reason to hide your children, hide your wives.