Shredded Pork meaning and definition

Shredded Pork meaning

An engorged and puffy pork ring post a climactic round of unlubricated anal sex.

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shredded wheat meaning and definition

A breakfast cereal made of deliciously toasted wheat fibers, all perfectly weaved into a single bite-sized square. An iconic symbol of grindxcore, as first proposed by waking the cadaver

shrek is love shrek is life meaning and definition

a real reason to hide your children, hide your wives.

Shrek is love, Shrek is life meaning and definition

A religion founded around our great Ogrelord, Shrek. We show our loyalty to him by praying to Shrek every day. It is crucially important that everyone in the religion make a Shrek shrine and pray to it. If not you will be at a shrekoning. A shrekoning is when Shrek comes to your house and kills you with his holy onions. If you pay to Shrek every day, he may call upon you to go to the great onion temple. When your go there, always at night, Shrek will Shrek you along with four others. This is a holy occasion and is held twice a month, on the first Tuesday and the last Thursday.

shrimp cocktail meaning and definition

Similar to shrimping: A form of podofilia (foot fetish)where one ejaculates on his toes and the other(s) sucks on said toes; the act of sucking on toes covered in cum.

shrimpy meaning and definition

Adjective used to describe something small. It is mainly used to describe something to be small and cute, in adoration toward people you cherish, but it can also be derogatory, if used to describe others, who are not your friends.